Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekly PVC Figure Ranking – Anime Garden Weekly Countdown –

Hey hey everyone, Lance here in what will be our regular weekly PVC figure ranking! We hope to broadcast this once a week, or every 2 weeks :D

The list represents the popularity based on the number of views, our bestsellers and the staff here at AG! So a real combination of data!

Anyway, let's get onto the ranking, starting with the lady that claims the throne in our first week!

1st Place: Black Rock Shooter -animation version-


2nd Place: Senjyogahara Hitagi Good Smile Company Ver.

Ah the tsundere heroine of Bakemonogatari (translates to [story of monsters]) is here, how lovely. She looks so fine, and she is so nicely colored, with so much detail even to the smallest parts! But I have to say, those stationery are just amazing, would hate to imagine how much time it took them to mould each individual pieces, and balance it so that it will link together... oh and it seems to be detachable too! Yup, this really seems to be a great figure!


Sasami will also be released by Alter. But gosh, the leader of the girls softball team and the rival of Rin, Sasasegawa Sasami is a very interesting character. And interestingly enough, she is also another tsundere character too, although not exactly like Senjogahara above... Anyway, the figure looks very nice, and I especially like her expression. So charming!

The leader of the Literature club, Amano Tooko Nendoroid ver. has made it in 6th place!

Gosh, Nendoroids are so cute, and she looks soo happy munching on paper! So kawaii!

7th Place: BLACK ROCK SHOOTER: Black Blade ver.

8th Place: Makise Kurisu

From Kotobukiya, the heroine from that talked about adventure game [Steins;Gate], Makise Kurisu is at 8th. With a very unique atmosphere, this one is a very beautiful figurine. A must for any Steins fans!
Right, that's it for the Anime Garden Weekly PVC Figure Ranking for the week of 24th~30rd May. Many beauties on the ranking for this week, I wonder how much movement there will be next week?

Right then, see you next week~

By Lance.


  1. What about Inaba Yui by Good Smiile Company?

  2. owww why not Shikinami Asuka Langley Plug Suit Test Type Ver. first place?